A Study of Religions + Ur Chaman (COMBO OFFER)

A Study of Religions + Ur Chaman (COMBO OFFER)

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Language-  English

Author- R.M. Chopra

Pages- 268

Binding- Paperback

Publisher-  Anuradha Prakashan

ISBN-10 - 9382339949

ISBN-13 - 978-9382339946   


Product description

A study of religions concerns enduring question about religions, human society, and the meaning individuals and communities make in life. The study of different religions also facilitates interaction with people of other religions and their cultural, historical, intellectual, and social phenomena. This also provides a basic understanding of major religious traditions of the world, their-ethico-social and mystical approach to religion but more so a deep understanding of their fundamental principles and philosophical concerns such as ethical foundation, metaphysics and the nature and form of salvation. I also feel that studying such material is bound to give one richer and more sophisticated understanding of human beliefs and practices regarding sacred, numinous, spiritual and divine. 

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